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My crazy and funny desktop screenshot ;-)

My desktop was funny and crazy. So I took a screenshot. I use below apps. Host OS: MacOSX 10.6.2 Guest OS: Windows XP SP2 on VMWare Fusion 3.0.2 Running Apps:   Host OS:     About This Mac     Dropbox     GrowliTunes     InsomniaX     smcFanControl     Tweetie     Facebook Notifications     Timemachine(Currently not use)     iStat menu     Tunnelblick(OpenVPN frontend)     iTunes     Skype     Firefox     VMWare Fusion       awesome window manager that installed by macports. Also It's used mplus-fonts.       screen from both of LInux and MacOSX       mutt from Linux(Reading about linux kernel 2.6.33 has been released from Linus)       newsbeuter from LInux(Google Reader Client)       weechat-curses from Linux(       Starting to emerge from Gentoo Linux server       uname -a from MacOSX(My Macbook is 1st generation. so It's running on i386)       stty -a from MacOSX(rxvt-unicode don't enough colums)