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My synthesis in 2009

This is my synthesis in 2009. I had no time for something due to working. I wrote many documents, technical article, specification. Mainly It's all about Linux. Moblin, Chrome OS, How to up performance on Desktop Linux, and Recovering the vintage PC as the Linux box and so on. But I don't feel that better writer more than before :-) You know writing documents is difficult. 2nd. I could meet many people. Especially It was in San Francisco. I attended Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit :-) This is my memory of the best of all! I think I will be busy next year. Anyway I have to more study English. Currently My dream is working in oversea! Anyway Have a good new year!!!

Chromium OS(Chrome OS) login sequence

As you know, I'm writing an article about Chromium OS(Chrome OS) and created some material. so I posted a part of memo. This is the login sequence of Chromium OS. Graphical login. slim is graphical login manager for chromium os. Input your google account. If you don't save login cache of your google account, It has to connect network. is Google account authentication PAM module. mount to /home/chronos as tmpfs. so If you power down the system, user data will be removed all. "chronos" is a default user of Chromium OS. This mount is encrypted AES and SHA256 hash algolism. run chromeos-wm. It's Clutter based window manager. run chrome browser.

PS3 CECHA00 come here

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Another request pulications about Chrome OS

I'm writing an article of Linux recentry. But another request came. And This period is 2 weeks. No way! 2nd article is about Google Chrome OS. I have already used and verified it. so I can write.But deadline is too early :-(