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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

2015 year in review and plan in 2016. Ho chi minh city is hot place as two meanings. Weather and people. IT business is always growing up and a lot of new ones were born. As far as I know taxi dispatch service is hot in local. Subway construction continues and will be opened couple of years later. Here will become one of the new modern city... It's not yet. I met some people who consider offshore software development. They wanted to get my opinion as my point of view that I have the experience of management in China and Vietnam. There are many local people who can speak Japanese for work. They could get feedback in somewhere such cases. I have no colleague who can speak my native language. I don't know my case was useful. But I appreciated to meet them even though I'm an engineer. We always have to get new connection to grow own business as a matter of course. My turning point always happen every 5 years. 2016 is next point for me. I would change something to get ne