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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Conclusion of the 2014, This is about moving to Vietnam from China. 1. Finally, No my friend came to Beijing. Yes. I already know why. JPY was always weaker than CNY. Then it still be terrible air pollution in there. CNY have become around 20 JPY. Someone can't stand it whose salary is based on JPY . I know a lot of Japanese were back to Japan. 2. I have moved from Beijing, China to Ho chi minh city, Vietnam with business situation. It was my  good  opportunity. I can still stay in oversea to work. Moving project was quite hard. 3. Ho chi minh city is warm in the full year. There are only rainy season and dry season ( it's dry season now). I love summer season and hot weather. So it was suitable for me. Also here is motorcycle heaven. The exhaust gas always fills in outside. AQI is not so high ( around 100). But the gas makes us a headache. I recommend you to take a mask. 4. I would start to learn Vietnamese as 3rd foreign language. However, pronunciation