Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 year in review and plan in 2017. I have quit job in June. then start again in October. I enjoyed long vacation while I'm free. The biggest activity was around Japan using motorcycle. It takes 31 days, distance was 11332.1km totally. It was exciting travel ever. Using a month for holiday is impossible in normal life with work. I would leave Japan before start new job. So It may be first and last chance. I don't regret to leave. In my new place, I'm in out of country. It's still exciting project and I can still use own experience as my mission. Great opportunity. I will move to Tech world next year. then dive to advanced technology using Linux. Yes. Linux is my life. I switched laptop to Linux from macOS as daily driver. I don't use Apple devices until when I join new project with new experience. I talked about my turning point in last post. It always happen every 5 years. I got new experience as next point. Happy New Year.

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

2015 year in review and plan in 2016. Ho chi minh city is hot place as two meanings. Weather and people. IT business is always growing up and a lot of new ones were born. As far as I know taxi dispatch service is hot in local. Subway construction continues and will be opened couple of years later. Here will become one of the new modern city... It's not yet. I met some people who consider offshore software development. They wanted to get my opinion as my point of view that I have the experience of management in China and Vietnam. There are many local people who can speak Japanese for work. They could get feedback in somewhere such cases. I have no colleague who can speak my native language. I don't know my case was useful. But I appreciated to meet them even though I'm an engineer. We always have to get new connection to grow own business as a matter of course. My turning point always happen every 5 years. 2016 is next point for me. I would change something to get ne

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Conclusion of the 2014, This is about moving to Vietnam from China. 1. Finally, No my friend came to Beijing. Yes. I already know why. JPY was always weaker than CNY. Then it still be terrible air pollution in there. CNY have become around 20 JPY. Someone can't stand it whose salary is based on JPY . I know a lot of Japanese were back to Japan. 2. I have moved from Beijing, China to Ho chi minh city, Vietnam with business situation. It was my  good  opportunity. I can still stay in oversea to work. Moving project was quite hard. 3. Ho chi minh city is warm in the full year. There are only rainy season and dry season ( it's dry season now). I love summer season and hot weather. So it was suitable for me. Also here is motorcycle heaven. The exhaust gas always fills in outside. AQI is not so high ( around 100). But the gas makes us a headache. I recommend you to take a mask. 4. I would start to learn Vietnamese as 3rd foreign language. However, pronunciation

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Conclusion of the 2013, This is about living in China. 1. Japanese people living in China, carefree feeling without the worry because their Japanese speaking level were down. On the other hand they have to read the atmosphere because it requires in Japan. So familiar in the area there is no need to read, Someone comes back to China in the holiday who has returned to duty. I know the guys. My friend started to go to the university. 2. The Chinese yuan have become around 17 Japanese yen finally, We made ​​it easier to go to Japan more and more. However we don't go back to Japan if there is no special purpose such as updating of drivers license. Also I can not go every time because of the expensive airplane ticket. I think it's enough one every two years or once a year. 3. Most of the cases, To get used to living environment in the first year . The get used to the working environment in the second year.  And begin what you want yourself in third yea. Unfortunately, we retur

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Goodbye 2012, I lost a lot of opportunities that have moved. A friend's wedding, reunion, writer activity. But English, Chinese is dramatically improved. My life in China experience has risen. Also had a cold three times, and experienced hospitals. Domestic travel was only once. I should make more time. Visiting to Japan for work was more than I expected. A lot of friends worried about me during the Anti-Japan Demonstrations. Then oddly enough, I was thinking I would never want to go back to Japan. and to experience the extent that I do not die. There has been a change in my character by directly touching the other countries. That's very important. Hello 2013, I think to understand the technical and business English and Chinese a little more. I would like to join the local Chinese community. Also I want to start making the seed for the next step further. Then Lack of physical strength returns, also maintain health. 2013 will be a challenging year too. 告别2012年, 我失

Overseas worker 2nd year / 駐在2年目開始

It is the second year in today as an overseas worker. I've been living in China as well get used to. Shopping at the supermarket, shopping at online shop, how to ask the road,  Domestic travel by myself, the Subway Taxis bus trip alone. I can not yet be related to various procedures, it is now possible to live a normal life. During my stay,  swollen my tonsils twice, I worried my physical condition a little. I am going to solve this problem. lack of exercise is one of the reasons. Then I have a challenge to the new work has begun again. Recently is the low activity of outside unfortunately. Don't worry. I'm fine. 本日で海外駐在2年目です。中国での生活も慣れてきました。スーパーでの買い物、オンラインショップでの買い物、道の聞き方、一人での旅行(大連)、タクシー・バス・地下鉄・新幹線での移動。一年経ってまだ様々な手続きに関することは出来ませんが、一応普通の生活はできるようになりました。滞在中、2度も扁桃腺が腫れてしまい、体調の点は少し心配なところがあります。理由の一つとして運動不足がありそうなのでこれを解消しようと思います。仕事はまた新しいことへの挑戦が始まっています。最近は残念ながら外部での活動が少ないですが、一応元気でやっているのでご心配なく。

Tizen SDK is a copy of the Android SDK? / Tizen seems to be based on Samsung Linux Platform(SLP)

This is first time posting in Beijing, China :) As geeks know, Tizen SDK preview has been released at Jan 9th 2012. So I checked the Tizen Linux as usual. SDK has an emulator. It will seem to support armel and x86. Currently, you can select only x86 emulator. You can downlowd from Then...My conclusion is Tizen SDK is a copy of the Android SDK. But Tizen is not Android. Tizen seems to be based on SLP. Samsung Linux Platform. Anyway please look below screenshots, logs. sdb is adb(Android Debug Bridge). mitz@ubuntu:~$ ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb Smart Development Bridge version 0.0.1 Usage : sdb [option] [parameters] options: -d - directs command to the only connected USB device returns an error if more than one USB device is present. -e - directs command to the only running emulator. returns an error if more than one emulator is running. -s