Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 year in review and plan in 2017.

I have quit job in June. then start again in October. I enjoyed long vacation while I'm free. The biggest activity was around Japan using motorcycle. It takes 31 days, distance was 11332.1km totally. It was exciting travel ever. Using a month for holiday is impossible in normal life with work. I would leave Japan before start new job. So It may be first and last chance. I don't regret to leave. In my new place, I'm in out of country. It's still exciting project and I can still use own experience as my mission. Great opportunity.

I will move to Tech world next year. then dive to advanced technology using Linux. Yes. Linux is my life. I switched laptop to Linux from macOS as daily driver. I don't use Apple devices until when I join new project with new experience.

I talked about my turning point in last post. It always happen every 5 years. I got new experience as next point.

Happy New Year.


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