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Ordered a PS3 (CECHA00)

I ordered PS3 CECHA00 on Amazon. CECHA00 is 1st generation of PS3 and can only run the PS2 games. I was determining before I don't buy one until releasing FINAL FANTASY XIII(FF13). You know, FF XIII will be released 17th Dec. I thought that will buy CECH-2000A is the latest PS3. But CECH-2000A can not install another operating systems. Isn't it joke? It's true. If CECH-2000A, we can not try to run Linux!

Moblin vs Chrome OS

I compared Moblin 2.1 and Chrome OS before time. Project page Moblin 2.1: Chrome OS : Kernel Moblin 2.1: 2.6.31(-netbook, -ivi, -menlow, -mrst) Chrome OS : 2.6.31(-chromeos-intel-menlow) but It isn't included psb driver Currently, I think this kernel is for netbooks, CULV laptops Base distribution Moblin 2.1: Original Chrome OS : Ubuntu Karmic Kernel parametor Moblin 2.1: vga=current quiet root=/dev/sdx (no initrd) Chrome OS : (USB) quiet console=tty2 initrd=initrd.img init/sbin/init boot-local rootwait root=LABEL=C-ROOT ro noresume noswap i915.modeset=1 loglevel=1 (HDD) quiet console=tty2 init/sbin/init boot-local rootwait root=/dev/sda ro noresume noswap i915.modeset=1 loglevel=1 Both of them uses ply-image for boot splash. Boot loader Moblin 2.1: GRUB1 Chrome OS : extlinux Fast boot Mobln 2.1: ~10sec Chrome OS: ~5, 6sec? Anyway USB boot is faster than Moblin. this was as f

My desktop screenshot


Why did I post in English?

Someone said "If you don't write blog in English, you're not the same as present. you did interesting something in Japan, But It will be checked only Japanese." I could become to speak and write English a litle. But It's hard for me yet. As you know, Most Japanese can't speak English. Because there was a problem in educational policy. For example, We study to pass the exam to enter university and high schools. And I don't like English long time ago. But I have to do for my dream.

Why did I stop my blog during about a year?

Actually, Nothing special :) But It had an accident on last posting day after next day. Self hosting server was crashed! So I could not do during stopping server. After that, I recovered server, But I had no motivation that time. Also I was working very hard. And I didn't have margin of mind. Recently I have motivation and can write little English. Why did I post in English? I'll talk next time.

Test the twitterfeed now

I registered the Twitterfeed. so checking that feeds send to Facebook and Twitter. :) Is it ok!?

Test posting from e-mail

Test posting from e-mail. Is it okay?? has opened!! has opened now! This is Mitsutaka Amano personally blog from Japan. I'll talk about computors, hobbies and so on. Someone know me that I'm Japanese. But wrinting in English in the future. :-)

Test again

Ok. It could recover my blog in blogger! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Test posting

Test post - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone