Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Conclusion of the 2013, This is about living in China.

1. Japanese people living in China, carefree feeling without the worry because their Japanese speaking level were down. On the other hand they have to read the atmosphere because it requires in Japan. So familiar in the area there is no need to read, Someone comes back to China in the holiday who has returned to duty. I know the guys. My friend started to go to the university.

2. The Chinese yuan have become around 17 Japanese yen finally, We made ​​it easier to go to Japan more and more. However we don't go back to Japan if there is no special purpose such as updating of drivers license. Also I can not go every time because of the expensive airplane ticket. I think it's enough one every two years or once a year.

3. Most of the cases, To get used to living environment in the first year.The get used to the working environment in the second year.  And begin what you want yourself in third yea. Unfortunately, we return to duty in the three years. A lot of people wasted. This experience has not always taken advantage directly. Boss should consider a solution for this issue, they may get scared.

4. I have never seen people who love more Chinese food. They hated it more than before. When you invite us in Japan, Please do not go to eat Chinese foods.

5. Beijing resident is crazier than Shanghai resident. Indeed, My friend told me that it'll go play in the next time, but nobody realized. Nobody tells me. I guess the reason is air pollution in Beijing.

6. Negotiations that it is cumbersome China (including the such as the bribe), But its flexibility. Japan proceed smoothly, but inflexible.

7. If they who have the technology skill, There are not so many chances to obtain a new technology in Asia.  If you want, you should go Eastern or US.

Hello 2014,

As you may know, I'll go to the next place. You may know more things later. Try to do my best!


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