Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Goodbye 2012,

I lost a lot of opportunities that have moved. A friend's wedding, reunion, writer activity. But English, Chinese is dramatically improved. My life in China experience has risen. Also had a cold three times, and experienced hospitals. Domestic travel was only once. I should make more time. Visiting to Japan for work was more than I expected. A lot of friends worried about me during the Anti-Japan Demonstrations. Then oddly enough, I was thinking I would never want to go back to Japan. and to experience the extent that I do not die. There has been a change in my character by directly touching the other countries. That's very important.

Hello 2013,

I think to understand the technical and business English and Chinese a little more. I would like to join the local Chinese community. Also I want to start making the seed for the next step further. Then Lack of physical strength returns, also maintain health. 2013 will be a challenging year too.










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