About MeeGo, MeeGo Netbooks UX screenshots

As you know, MeeGo codes has been opened on the end of March. You can get ia32/arm RPMS/SRPMS now.


But currently User eXperience doesn't published. MeeGo community promised to release at Stard of April. And then, The promise was carried out :-) But we can only boot up and see console screen. There were some opinion to this activity on MeeGo mailing list. For example, "User interface has not been released. so It's not keeping promises".

But this issue isn't related myself. Because I'm having UI packages. Actually, MeeGo packages were published on about February this year. then I got it using "reposync" at once. :-) So I'm showing some screenshots.

Here is the myzone of MeeGo.

Next is web browser. Default browser is chrome.

Next is application menu. icon is changed to meego theme.

Next is zones.

Next is device information and desktop folder shortcuts.

Next is media menu.

Bluetooth menu. It can see a computer.

Network menu(carrick ui).

Status menu. It can see twitter timeline.

MeeGo Netbook UI seems almost same as Moblin Netbook UI. This design might change in the future. The version of linux kernel was kernel-netbook-2.6.33~rc8-104.2 . Latest kernel version is and 2.6.28-2.1(armv5tel). ARM packages seems to supported Nokia N900.

Next post is explaining some features of MeeGo from packages.


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