LinuxCon Japan 2010 my summary and review

LinuxCon Japan is the premiere Linux conference in Asia. Attending many core open source developers, kernel hackers, administrators, users and so on. It's an important opportunity for open source contributors. So this is my summary and review.

About my session. It's my first time presentation in English. Actually I had prepared three months. First, I'm not a native speaker. don't speak English well. So it needed. Second, My presentation was a plan to port the MeeGo to a device. When I sent a CFP, I didn't have anything. It was challenge. Then result was so good. MeeGo could work on the NexusOne. I was able to communicate this possibility. Of course, this plan has many issues.

I was accustomed to presenting it and did not be nervous. But Unusually tense. Almost I could not eat lunch (my presentation was from noon). This tension was a long time. I enjoyed :)

Anyway, this experience was important to me. My next goal is now planning to act. My work will not end until death.

Thanks :-D


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